Welcome to Blackwater: the Book

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Morality has no place in combat. Blackwater is the most notorious Private Security Contract of the Global War on Terror. Were they a necessary evil?

Welcome to Blackwater is a tell-all book of Blackwater in Iraq in 2004-2005.  The founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince, stated there were over 40,000 missions completed by Blackwater with only 200 shots fired. Want the truth? 

Unregulated and unsupervised, Blackwater contractors protected State Department diplomats in Iraq for seven years. They were tasked with protecting the diplomats there to build a new government. Between Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell, the US was ill equipped to complete the mission. They hired Blackwater contractors to fill the gap.

Follow the main character as he witnesses the Iraq war turn from victory to defeat in 18 months - ultimately concluding war is futile and private security contractors must have adult supervisions to be effective in combat operations. The human toll of war, for both soldiers and contractors, is not worth the money or sacrifice.

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